Press Releases

The German Government becomes the sole owner of the SEFE Group

With effect from 14 November 2022, the German Federal Government acquired all shares in SEFE Securing Energy for Europe (SEFE) and thus became the sole owner of the group of companies. By way of a capital cut, the Federal Government first took over all shares in SEFE and provided the company with new share capital of EUR 225 million. The Federal Government holds the shares in SEFE indirectly through SEFE Securing Energy for Europe Holding GmbH (SEEHG).

Previously, the management of SEFE applied to the Federal Government for stabilisation measures. This request was necessary as Russian sanctions against the SEFE Group were leading to the suspension of gas deliveries. Due to the sharp rise in gas prices over the course of the year, the company had to bear high costs for sourcing additional volumes to meet its existing supply obligations.

Managing Director of SEFE, Dr. Egbert Laege, said: "We very much welcome this decision. Having the Federal Government as our shareholder means SEFE Group has a reliable and strong shareholder and partner, enabling us to continue on our mission of securing the energy supply for Europe, now and for the future.”

The Federal Government's action also removes the uncertainty surrounding the question of the ownership of the SEFE Group. Already under the fiduciary management of the Federal Network Agency, the SEFE Group has fulfilled considerable tasks to secure the gas supply in Germany and Europe.