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SEFE is a midstream energy company with a focus on Sourcing & Trading, Sales, Transportation, Storage and Gas Mobility as well as a focus on commodities Gas & LNG, Hydrogen, and Electricity. SEFE plays a central role in the stability of energy supply in Germany and Europe.


SEFE’s subsidiary SEFE Marketing & Trading (SM&T) has an established global footprint with the ability to access markets globally not only to source and trade energy but also to optimize the company’s portfolio. SM&T is a leading player in European traded energy markets, combining physical and financial trading of gas, power, and environmental products with provision of risk management and market access services. As one of Europe’s largest traders of natural gas, SM&T has active EFET contracts with around 500 counterparties and trades a wide range of standard and complex products across all major European hubs.



Via its sales business SEFE Energy, SEFE supplies more than 50,000 customers in numerous markets, from small businesses to municipal utilities, regional gas suppliers, industrial companies, power plants and multinational organisations. With 30 years of experience in the European energy market, SEFE Energy is a leading supplier of gas, electricity and green energy products in Europe and operates in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and the Czech Republic.

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Be it hydrogen, green gases or LNG in Europe, the gas market is changing, and transport requirements need to adapt accordingly. SEFE has a dedicated centre of expertise for LNG and shipping which has been operating a fleet of vessels and responsible for carrying-out safe, economical and timely operations of waterborne cargoes for many years.

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Energy storage contributes to a large extent to the success of the energy transformation in Germany and Europe. Gas storage guarantees a secure gas supply, functions as a cornerstone of an affordable energy system, and provides a storage solution for renewable energy in the future. As one of Europe´s largest operators of natural gas storage facilities, SEFE via SEFE Storage, based in Kassel, markets a natural gas storage volume of nearly 6 billion cubic meters and holds approximately 25 per cent of the total natural gas storage capacities in Germany.

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SEFE via its subsidiary SEFE Mobility launches projects that enable the efficient use of gases in the mobility of today and tomorrow as a clean fuel. The focus is on the development of an infrastructure for supplying trucks and cars with compressed (CNG) and liquified (LNG) gas. SEFE Mobility operates CNG filling stations in Germany and the Czech Republic and offers its business and private customers a wide range of products and services.

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In the near-term natural gas and LNG are the lynchpins of ensuring energy supply to Europe, whilst future carbon-neutral energy sources are ramped up. As a result of the new energy market reality in Europe, the importance of LNG has grown drastically. SEFE trades physical LNG, freight and financial derivatives, supported by a portfolio of third-party purchases and sales. The physical LNG deal activity spans key supply and demand centres and ranges from single-cargo deals to mid-term strips, to larger multi-cargo deals of 20-years or more. In the medium run, SEFE seeks a balanced and diversified portfolio of short, medium and long-term supply contracts from European pipeline gas and global LNG from different geographic regions.

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Next to securing energy supply for Germany and Europe, SEFE also drives the green energy transformation. Hydrogen is a key enabler on the way to a climate-neutral energy supply of the future and is therefore of importance to SEFE's strategy of driving forward the green energy transformation. Building on its expertise in gas infrastructure, SEFE aims to position itself early along the hydrogen value chain and help accelerate the market ramp-up of green hydrogen.

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Electricity is yet another energy carrier SEFE is offering tailor-made solution. SM&T, as a key player in the European energy trading markets, carries out physical and financial trading in power. SEFE Energy, in turn, provides customers with fixed and flexible power products tailored to their needs to efficiently manage the cost of electricity in companies and achieve greater, more effective savings.

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