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SEFE joins Eurogas

SEFE Securing Energy for Europe (SEFE) joins Eurogas association in a collaborative effort to drive the European energy transition. At the same time SEFE's CEO Egbert Laege was elected to the Board of Eurogas. The strategic cooperation between SEFE and Eurogas is a significant milestone in the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions for Europe. By combining the expertise and resources, the two organizations intend to address the challenges and opportunities associated with the development of greener gases in Europe.

“We have common values and a shared sense of urgency to deliver the objectives of the energy transition, and as such we are natural partners. SEFE is an innovative company with a strong commitment to delivering hydrogen to decarbonise our economy”, commented James Watson, Secretary General of Eurogas.

“Joining Eurogas is an important step for SEFE. We share the ambition to enable the green energy transformation and accelerate the transition towards a carbon neutral economy together. We are looking forward to contribute to the Eurogas family with our expertise in global sourcing, in gas trading and in wholesale markets”, said Egbert Laege, CEO of SEFE.


About SEFE
Securing Energy for Europe GmbH (SEFE) is an integrated energy company that is active in various steps along the value chain. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, the company with more than 1,500 employees has its largest footprint in Germany and serves industry customers and municipalities. SEFE is a midstream player focusing on Trading & Portfolio Management, Sales, Storage and Pipeline Infrastructure. SEFE plays a pivotal role in providing energy supply stability for Germany and Europe.

About Eurogas
Eurogas is an association of 71 companies spanning the length of the gas value chain. It represents them in front of the European Union institutions. Eurogas members cover gas wholesale, retail and distribution, along with companies manufacturing equipment and providing innovative solutions for services, like blending and methane emissions management. The purpose of Eurogas is to accelerate the transition to carbon neutrality through dialogue and advocacy about optimising the use of gas and gaseous fuels. The core values of Eurogas are: science and evidence-based dialogue with and respect for the voice of all climate and energy stakeholders, a Just Transition through a credible pathway to EU 2030 and 2050 targets and diversity and Inclusion in the energy sector.

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