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MEDSUPPORT e. V. was established in 1993 by a group of GAZPROM Germania employees and aims to provide the needy with medical and social assistance. Its efforts focus on assisting people and organizations in Russia.

MEDSUPPORT has helped provide financial assistance to a variety of organizations and projects including the G. N. Romaov’s Rehabilitation of the Child foundation in St Petersburg, Diakonische Werk Hamburg, and the Die Arche children’s project in Berlin.

MEDSUPPORT’s sponsorship of the Rehabilitation of the Child foundation in St Petersburg centres on an institute for the handicapped that specializes in treating children aged 16 and younger who have impaired movement and asthma. Its help has improved the health of a number of young patients.

MEDSUPPORT e. V. also provides assistance in Berlin, GAZPROM Germania’s home city, where child poverty is a significant problem. Its sponsorship of Die Arche Berlin e. V. helps provide around 500 children with hot meals, leisure activities, assistance with their homework, and, above all, human contact.

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