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As of 6 July 2022 the former Gazprom NGV Europe GmbH is now operating under the new company name "SEFE Mobility GmbH". You will find more information under news.

sefe mobility gmbh develops the market for gas mobility as an environmentally friendly alternative.


The SEFE Group's specialised subsidiary, SEFE Mobility GmbH, launches projects that enable the efficient use of gases as a clean source of fuel in the mobility of today and tomorrow. This work is currently focusing on the development of an infrastucture for supplying trucks and passenger vehicles with compressed (CNG) and liquefied (LNG) gas. In this way the SEFE Group collaborates with its strategic partners to make a contribution to environmentally friendly mobility in Europe.


SEFE Mobility GmbH currently operates CNG filling stations in Germany and the Czech Republic. The product portfolio includes various types of technologies and filling stations, such as fuel pumps integrated into conventional filling stations and stand-alone filling stations specially designed for CNG. Geared towards different customer segments, SEFE Mobility GmbH manages both publicly accessible filling stations and private CNG filling stations built explicitly for major customers, fleet operators and logistics companies.


As a part of its activities as an operator of CNG filling stations, SEFE Mobility GmbH offers its business and private customers a wide range of products and services, such as the option of paying with different fleet cards. SEFE Mobility GmbH offers its customers different price models at its filling stations, including fixed prices, volume discounts and index prices.


SEFE Mobility GmbH sees significant opportunities in heavy-goods traffic. This potential exists because CNG and LNG are currently the only environmentally friendly alternatives for which functioning technologies and economical operation are already possile today. In contrast to other alternative fuels, trucks powered by CNG and LNG are highly feasible, especially over long distances. 


The nationwide infrastucture in Germany and the Czech Republic also makes a significant contribution to the appeal of gas mobility for heavy-goods traffic. An overview of all German and Czech CNG filling stations, including the stations operated by SEFE Mobility GmbH, can be found at gibgas.de and cngplus.cz.



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—  6 July 2022

Gazprom NGV Europe GmbH changes its company name to “SEFE...

Since Wednesday, 06.07.2022, the former Gazprom NGV Europe GmbH operates under the new company name "SEFE Mobility GmbH". Being a 100% owned subsidiary of SEFE...



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